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Please consider becoming a Founding Philanthropist for H.E.V.U.S.

100% of your contribution is Tax Deductible. 90% of all donations go directly to Veteran Services.

America is losing 22 Great American Veterans EVERY DAY to suicide, due to health issues which in most cases CAN be resolved. By the time you read this site, we will have lost another. Please Help us make a major lasting impact moving forward, dramatically reducing this horrible figure, and bringing significant health restoration to all Veterans.

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Notice the visible shock waves encircling the battleship, and artillery gun. This "concussion wave" is also present in small arms fire, yet not easily visible.

Advancements in Brain Imaging have revealed that concussions and brain damage causing PTSD and many other misunderstood veteran disorders, occur not only from explosion blasts, but also from close proximity to artillery, navel gun, and even repeated small arms discharge. Simply firing the guns, large and small, overtime, may cause concussions to varying degrees and with proportional consequences. This may help us understand why millions of our Veterans are severely struggling in society today. H.E.V.U.S is dedicated to providing therapies designed to address PTSD and ultimately bring our fighting men and women All The Way Home.